• Building Your Knowledge about Breast Augmentation [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Breast augmentation is one of the world’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. Through an augmentation, you can enhance the fullness of your breasts and improve your self-esteem. Although breast implants have gotten some bad press in the past, today’s implants are proven to be safe and provide more natural results than ever before. With the help of your cosmetic surgeon, you can create a breast enhancement treatment plan that involves tailoring an augmentation procedure to your specific treatment goals, whether you want to subtly boost your fullness or dramatically increase your size. Get the facts you need to know about breast augmentation in this Infographic from Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates . Our cosmetic surgeons can walk you through the entire process of getting a breast augmentation in Oklahoma City, OK, from choosing the right kind of breast implants to recovering from your procedure. Contact us to set up a consultation for a breast augmentation, and please help other patients understand their options by sharing this information.

  • Comparing Silicone and Saline Breast Implants

    Not all breast augmentation procedures are alike, and a key difference will be in the type of implant used. Silicone and saline breast implants are the two basic options, and they are both completely safe and approved by the FDA. There are, however, some important distinctions to be aware of. Saline breast implants have been filled with sterile salt water, and they may experience rippling or deflation over time. Alternatively, silicone breast implants have a soft, squishy feel that more closely mimics the natural texture of breast tissue.

    Neither silicone nor saline breast implants are designed to last for a lifetime, and they may need to be removed or replaced after 7-20 years. If a saline implant ruptures, it will be obvious, because the implant will deflate and the salt water inside will be absorbed through the body. If silicone implants rupture, this will need to be confirmed with an X-ray or MRI, though the risk of rupture is extremely rare.

    For a complete look at your options with breast implants , schedule an appointment with one of the skilled, board-certified surgeons of Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates. We are available for breast augmentation consultations in Oklahoma City, so give us a call at (405) 546-2702.

  • Are You a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

    Many types of women will have breast augmentation, because this procedure can be adapted to all kinds of body types and customized for individual patient preferences. Still, there are some basic criteria you must meet to be a good candidate for breast augmentation.

    Your breasts are fully developed.

    Younger women may choose to get breast implants, but it’s important to hold off on this decision until the breasts are fully developed. Otherwise, it may be hard to predict the final results of the surgery given the future growth and changes that the breasts may experience.

    You have noticed age-related changes in your breasts.

    There is certainly no upper-age limit for breast augmentation, and if you have seen changes in your breasts as a result of the aging process, you may wish to restore your figure and your confidence. Over time, the breasts may lose volume, and they may sag, losing their perkiness. A breast lift can help, but augmentation may also be necessary to restore the volume that’s been lost over time.

    You are physically and mentally healthy.

    Because breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, you should be in good physical health to have the procedure. You should also be mentally healthy with realistic expectations of the surgery, or you may not be satisfied by the results. Ideally, breast augmentation should help you feel more comfortable in your body and feel more confident.

    You are not pregnant or breastfeeding.

    Pregnancy and breastfeeding cause significant changes to the breasts, so you will not want to have surgery until you are no longer breastfeeding. If you are hoping to have children years down the road and are considering breast augmentation now, your surgeon can help you plan your surgery to avoid any future issues breastfeeding.

    Of course, you will need to consult a physician in person to know for sure if you are a candidate for breast augmentation. For an appointment at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates in Oklahoma City, call (405) 546-2702. Our cosmetic surgery practice provides compassionate, individualized care to help every patient get exceptional results.

  • Preparing for Breast Augmentation

    Many women choose to have breast augmentation to boost their confidence, restore their post-baby bodies, or achieve more ideal proportions. If you have decided to have this cosmetic surgery in Oklahoma City, your first step will be consulting a surgeon to review all of your options and learn if you are a good candidate. As your surgery date approaches, you will want to complete a few tasks to better prepare and ensure the best possible outcome.

    Stick to a Healthy Routine

    You will want your body to be healthy and strong for surgery, so in the weeks prior to your breast augmentation procedure, you should follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep. If you smoke, take steps toward quitting, since smoking can significantly increase your risk of infection following surgery.

    Complete Prerequisite Medical Screenings

    Your cosmetic surgeon will let you know which screenings are necessary prior to surgery, and these may include a psychological screening, blood test, and physical with your primary physician. You may also need to evaluate the medications that you currently take—both prescription and over-the-counter drugs—and discuss whether you should continue until your surgery.

    Consider What to Expect

    Having realistic expectations is important for any cosmetic procedure, so be sure that you have talked to your surgeon about what to expect not only in your recovery but also in the final results of your procedure. If you have chosen saline implants, you may notice that your breasts have a different texture and feel than you’re used to. Silicone implants can be a preferred alternative, because they have a softer and more natural feel. With either type of implant, you may have tightness and heaviness in your chest in the beginning of your recovery, and you should prepare to limit physical activity as your body adjusts to the implants and heals from surgery.

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  • Picking a Breast Implant Size

    If you have decided to enhance your figure with breast augmentation, you will not only choose between silicone and saline implants; you will need to select a size of implant that will give you the cup size you want. As this video explains, however, you won’t necessarily choose implant size based on cup size. Your surgeon will measure your breast width to determine the width of the implant you’ll look at. From here, you can determine the height of the implant and use a sizer to see how the final results will look.

    A breast implant consultation in Oklahoma City should be completely customized to your individual needs, and that is just what you can expect with Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates. You can give us some background about your health with an online consult , or call us at (405) 546-2702 to schedule your first visit to our office.